BLACKPINK Lisa’s Youtube channel exceeded 9 million subscribers and is on her way to reaching 10 million soon

BLACKPINK Lisa has nearly gained 10 million subscribers on her personal Youtube channel.

On October 22nd, the number of subscribers on BLACKPINK Lisa’s personal Youtube channel, “Lilifilm Official”, surpassed 9 million. According to KPOP Radar, this is the No.1 record achieved by a solo female singer. Therefore, this has proved Lisa’s unbelievably hot popularity.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will participate in the Google ‘Dear Earth’ event on Youtube Originals on October 23rd (U.S time). “Dear Earth” is a campaign for climate change. Many world-class leaders will also join this event, including Pope Francis, former U.S President Barack Obama, and Google Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

BLACKPINK Lisa Youtube Channel
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