Kpop Idol from “Produce 101 season 2” wields a weapon when ex-girlfriend refuses to meet 

A male idol singer from Mnet’s survival show “Produce 101 Season 2” was arrested

According to the legal community on August 10th, Kim Tae Kyun, chief judge of the Seoul Central District Court, sentenced A (26) to one year in prison and 2 years of probation for causing injuries, making special threats, and invasion of housing. He was also ordered 1 year of probation and 80 hours of community service.

In particular, around October of last year, A was founđ to have broken into victim B’s house via the veranda, when B, who was his girlfriend at the time, refused to meet with him. As B tried to escape, A wrapped his hands around B’s neck and dragged her to the inside of the living, threatening her with a knife from the kitchen and forcing B to continue meeting with him. 

However, when A refused the request, B estranged her and screamed. When a neighbor rang B’s doorbell, A held up the knife and forced B to stay silent. 

The victim must have suffered great shock and pain, and she has not yet forgiven the accused,” the court said regarding the case. 

Source: nate

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