Palm Tree Island refutes Kim Jun-su and Kei’s dating rumor, “Kei is still respecting Kim Jun-su from the perspective of a junior”

In response to the rumor of a romantic relationship between singer-musical actor Kim Jun-su and former Lovelyz member Kei, their company officially stated, “It’s groundless”.

On the morning of August 19th, an official from Palm Tree Island, the agency of Kim Jun-su and Kei, said to TV Daily, “The dating rumor of Kim Jun-su and Kei is completely not true”

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Earlier on the same day, a media outlet reported that Kim Jun-su and Kei are dating. The official said, “It’s an absolutely groundless dating rumor. The two are just senior and junior as well as colleagues. In fact, Kei is still showing great respect for Kim Jun-su from the perspective of a junior.”

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Palm Tree Island is an agency established by Kim Jun-su last year in cooperation with his manager. Kei signed an exclusive contract with the agency and joined Kim Jun-su in the artist lineup. In addition to Kei, Palm Tree Island is also the house of many musical actors, such as Kim So-hyun, Jung Seon-ah, Jin Tae-hwa, Seo Kyung-soo, Yang Seo-yoon, etc. 

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