Chuu announces October comeback amid pro-longed legal battle due to Blockberry Creative’s appeal 

Ex-LOONA Chuu announced her solo debut in October, while her former agency appealed against the contract lawsuit ruling.

On August 29th, an official from Chuu’s agency ATRP said to Xports News, Chuu is preparing for a comeback in October”.

In the meantime, Chuu’s former agency Blockberry Creative reportedly submitted an appeal against the first trial ruling regarding Chuu’s exclusive contract lawsuit. 


According to Star News on the 29th, Blockberry Creative announced that they would also appeal against the lawsuit of other five former LOONA members. In addition, the agency is preparing for a long-term battle involving the main trial regarding exclusive contract effectiveness.

As Blockberry Creative’s appeal and Chuu’s October solo debut are taking place nearly the same time, the public is paying keen attention to their future moves.

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In December 2021, Chuu filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative regarding her exclusive contract. In March of the following year, the court proposed mediation but both sides failed to reach an agreement. Recently, on August 17th, the court ruled in favor of Chuu for all claims. As Chuu won the lawsuit, Blockberry Creative is expected to pay for all the litigation costs.

In November last year, Blockberry Creative expelled Chuu from LOONA, claiming that she verbally abused staff. However, the staff took Chuu’s side. As a result, Chuu was the first member of LOONA to leave Blockberry Creative. Other LOONA members, excluding Hyunjin and Vivi, also filed an injunction to terminate contracts with the agency and received a favorable ruling. Later in June this year, Hyunjin and Vivi also sued Blockberry and won.

Source: Naver

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