5 K-pop idols who may shine brighter if they turn to acting (ft. Rosé, Ji Hyo, S.Coups…)

Fans believe these 5 idols can do well if they get a chance to act in a drama or movie.

More and more K-pop stars are turning to acting and have also participated in big projects and achieved significant results. Acting can also be a way to boost the popularity of idols. However, many idols still haven’t received any casting call despite their great acting performances in music videos. Below are some idols who are expected to do well in acting!


Rose Blackpink
Rosé has gained great success in music and fashion

Rosé debuted as the main vocalist of the girl group BLACKPINK. This 1997-born female idol has drawn attention with her outstanding visual ever since her debut. Rosé reached a new stage of her career after YG released her solo song “On The Ground”. Immediately after its release, the music video of this song attracted a huge amount of views on Youtube.

Rosé is currently working as a global ambassador for many luxury brands, proving her talents in different fields. However, fans and netizens are wondering why Rosé hasn’t tried acting?

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s appearance in music videos  with her perfect visual and good acting skills received many compliments

Fans were amazed when they saw Rosé act in the music videos for “Lovesick Girls” and “Gone”. In particular, the behind video of “On The Ground” also revealed how Rosé had worked so hard for the scenes just like acting in dramas.

Looking at her performances, fans believe that Rosé would do well if she took on a drama’s lead role.

2. Ji Hyo (TWICE)

Ji Hyo was scouted and trained under JYP Entertainment to become an actress when she was a little kid

Ji Hyo, leader and main vocalist of TWICE,  has been well-known as an all-rounder idol of K-pop. ONCE all know the fact that Ji Hyo was actually cast by JYP Entertainment when she was really young to train as an actress. However, she later debuted as a K-pop idol.

Ji Hyo can react to the camera really fast

This is why Ji Hyo performed so well in all the MVs. She doesn’t hesitate to show off her quick reaction to cameras when appearing on entertainment shows. Fans are looking forward to the day Ji Hyo receives her first drama role.

3. Jeong Yeon (TWICE)

Ugly outfits of Kpop idols
Jeon Yeon owns a pretty appearance and excellent stage presence

Jeong Yeon is said to be one of the idols who are most hunted by drama/movies producers. Apart from her beautiful visual, Jeong Yeon also impresses many people with her perfect acting skills, which have been shown through many music videos of TWICE.

In addition, Jeong Yeon is the younger sister of Gong Seung Yeon, a famous Korean actress. This is why ONCEs are hoping that the female idol will follow her sister and try acting one day.

Jeong Yeon once received a casting offer but she refused it

In 2021, Jeong Yeon refused an opportunity to appear in a drama, leaving a deep regret for fans. Hopefully, she will get cast again and appear on the small screen as an actress.

4. Eun Ha (VIVIZ)

Former member of GFRIEND and current member of VIVIZEun Ha is also a female idol is expected to soon enter the film industry.

The special thing about Eun Ha is that she is a former child actress who participated in a drama in 2007. Despite having a good starting point, after that, Eun Ha did not accept any main role in any work.

Eun Ha used to be trained in acting, the audience hopes she will appear in a movie or a drama

Eun Ha also graduated in Theater Arts with well-trained acting ability. Eun Ha‘s innocent and lovely image would be very suitable for a female lead role in a drama with a romantic love story.

5. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups’ outstanding visual helps him conquer all drama genres

Referring to the talented young rappers of Kpop, the leader of SEVENTEENS.Coups cannot be ignored. And you know, he studied at the Seoul School of Performing Arts, and graduated with a major in theater acting.

S.Coups may have aspired to be an actor before deciding to pursue a career in show biz. S.Coups has the capacity to conquer all movie genres with amazing performances on stages with SEVENTEEN, as well as his god-like visuals.

These are all Kpop cult faces who have all the elements to become actors. However, up to now, they have not tried their hand in the film industry. Hopefully, in the near future, the idols will appear in a big series.

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