“Can you blur my face?”… Hyun Bin got embarrassed as he failed to guess this person while playing Character Quiz

Actor Hyun Bin had a hard time because of the Character Quiz on “The Game Caterers”.

Episode 2 of Youtube web entertainment program “The Game Caterers” featuring “Confidential Assignment 2: International” actors Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Im Yoon-ah, Daniel Henney and Jin Seon-kyu was uploaded on September 9th.

In the video, the cast played Character Quiz in order to get Chuseok gifts. When PD Na Young-seok asked, “Why do you keep rubbing your hands?”, Hyun Bin nervously responded, “I can’t wait for it to be over”.

In Round 4, Hyun Bin was the first person to guess. A photo of BTS member Jimin appeared as the quiz question. However, Hyun Bin kept looking at the picture and could not say the name.

Yoona worriedly asked, “Oppa, are you going to be okay?”. Flustered by the situation, Hyun Bin put his two hands together as if he was apologizing. Although it was late, Hyun Bin still answered “Jimin”.

Later, Hyun Bin asked PD Na Young-seok, “Can you blur my face?”, because he was so embarrassed. The actor sighed and said, “It’s getting hotter”.

Na PD then promised, “I will make Jimin get you wrong next time we play it”, adding “The you’ll be even”. Hyun Bin immediately waved his hands and said, “No, that doesn’t make it even. I don’t want that”, drawing laughter.

Source: wikitree

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