The scene in “After My Death” that Jeon Yeo Bin wouldn’t have completed without the help of the director 

Here are behind-the-scenes stories about actress Jeon Yeo Bin during the filming of the movie “After My Death”.

“After My Death” is a 2017 mystery film starring Jeon Yeo Bin, Seo Young Hwa and Go Won Hee. It tells the story of Young Hee (Jeon Yeo Bin), who becomes the prime suspect after her close friend Kyung Min committed suicide, trying to find out the truth and proving her innocence on her own. 

Although Jeon Yeo Bin is an excellent actress, she still faced difficulties when filming a scene because of her weak lungs. 

Jeon Yeo-bin

It was the scene where Young Hee blows the exercise equipment to strengthen her lung function at a hospital under the guidance of the doctor. The equipment has three balls, but Jeon Yeo Bin couldn’t blow and raise even the first one up. Therefore, director Kim Ui Seok and the filming director had to take turns and help the actress blow the balls up instead. 

jeon yeo bin

Afterward, there was a scene where Han Sol (Go Won Hee) visits Young Hee in the hospital room and asks for forgiveness. In this part, Young Hee shows Han Sol the hole in her neck, which was a special makeup, and makes her friend touch it. It was a short scene, but the two’s emotions impressed many viewers. 

A few years after the release of “After My Death”, Jeon Yeo Bin became a star through various famous works. Netizens brought up her passionate acting this film and highlighted her image in school uniform. At that time, people shared childhood photos of Jeon Yeo Bin wearing school uniforms on SNS and compared them to her appearance in the movie. 

Source: Daum

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