G-Dragon’s “rumored lover” vs Jennie: Who has better fashion style?

After BLACKPINK Jennie, G-Dragon’s new “rumored lover” seems to also be a gorgeous fashionista who never falls behind the trend. 

The new “dating rumor” of BIGBANG G-Dragon has been the talk of town. In particular, a Chinese media speculated that the male idol is in a relationship with the granddaughter of Shinsegae Department Store’s chairman, gaining a lot of attention.

While an official has since disregarded such a rumor, netizens have examined the background of this “young lady” and found various stunning photos of hers. 

In particular, G-Dragon’s “rumored lover” is Annie Moon, granddaughter of Shinsegae Chairman Lee Myung Hae and a 3rd-generation chaebol. Her photos show that she often opts for a “modern chic” image. 

moon seo yoon
moon seo yoon
Like other Korean women, Annie Moon never fails to update her wardrobe with the latest fashion trends, going from cut-out, see-through, to 3D print items. She also often flaunts her tiny waist with no stomach flat and jaw-dropping figure. 
moon seo yoon
moon seo yoon
Annie Moon’s favorite color in fashion seems to be a classic and chic black 
Annie Moon
The 3rd-generation chaebol also tackles sexy and bold styles. Since she is not a celebrity like Jennie, Annie Moon doesn’t need to worry about the public’s eye.
moon seo yoon
As a true “fashion guru”, Annie Moon also keeps up with the ongoing “Y2K” fever. This is shown through iconic Y2K items in her wardrobe, such as low-waist jeans, bejeweled belts, baby tees, and mini bags. 

Over all, Annie Moon’s style can be described as “flexible”, “fashionable”, and “cool”, with high application in daily life. 

On the other hand, BLACKPINK member Jennie doesn’t hesitate to take on a rather unique style, proving her title as a Kpop and “IT girl” with various fashion resources. She is often spotted wearing items from the latest collections of top luxury brands, and even received personally-designed clothes. In fact, the female idol is considered a “trend-setter” in Korea and a role model for fashion gurus there. 

Blackpink Jennie
While Annie Moon has a more “casual” yet still chic style, Jennie can be spotted in rather one-of-a-kind fashion
Annie Moon Jennie
If Jennie is considered a “fashion chameleon” and “trend-setter”, Annie Moon is a true fashionista with on-trend yet practical items. 
moon seo yoon blackpink
Jennie and Annie Moon once appeared in the same frame. 

Source: k14

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