Jaw-dropping profile of G-Dragon’s alleged girlfriend: Samsung chaebol Moon Seo Yoon boasts a model-like appearance and a “special” relationship with YG artists 

Netizens are in awe of her family background, education and stunning visuals. 

On the morning of January 10th, netizens were taken aback at the dating rumors between G-Dragon and Moon Seo Yoon, the granddaughter of Lee Myung Hee, the chairwoman of the Shinsegae Group. The alleged couple was caught attending the “Street Man Fighter” concert. Fans immediately uncovered the family history as well as the identity of this supposed girlfriend. 

moon seo yoon g-dragon
Moon Seo Yoon and G-Dragon went to the “Street Man Fighter” concert 

Powerful family background, studied at world top university 

Moon Seo Yoon (or Annie Moon) was born in 2002 and is a member of the fourth-generation chaebol of the Samsung Group. She is the granddaughter of Lee Myung Hee, chairwoman of Shinsegae, which owns the Emart retailing chains and billion-dollar department stores in Korea. Seo Yoon’s mother, Chung Yoo Kyung is currently the President of Shinsegae. 

She is also the niece of the Vice President of the Shinsegae Group, Chung Yong Jin, who had a controversial marriage with former Miss Korea Go Hyun Jung. Her grandfather is Moon Chung, journalist and head of the KBS Press Headquarters. Moon Seo Yoon is currently studying at Columbia University, one of the top-ranking university in the world. Seo Yoon leads a luxury lifestyle, donning herself with high-end brand items and frequently travels to various high-class places. 

moon seo yoon
Moon Seo Yoon is one of the heirs of the most famous and richest chaebol family in Korea
moon seo yoon
She is currently pursuing her studies in Columbia University, a top-ranking insititution in the world 
moon seo yoon
Her luxurious lifestyle leaves netizens in awe 

A model-like visuals and physique 

Moon Seo Yoon’s physical beauty is one of her attractive points. She boasts sharp and distinct features that radiate high class and strange allure. Her physique is of model standard, captvating attention. 

moon seo yoon
Moon Seo Yoon shows off an alluring beauty with prominent and well-defined facial features 
moon seo yoon
She possesses a slender figure and small waist comparable to those of models 
moon seo yoon
Her attactive curves and long legs turn heads every where she goes 
moon seo yoon
Her long pair of legs has their own spotlight 

Moon Seo Yoon also receives much praise for her sense of fashion that says status, sophistication and strong compulsion. The 2002-born beauty can take on any style and adapts to every style. A simple style on her can exude personality and high fashion. 

moon seo yoon
Top-notch beauty enables her to take on various styles 
moon seo yoon
Seo Yoon’s outfits reveal her provocative side in an elegant way 
moon seo yoon
Moon Seo Yoon’s Y2K-inspired look expresses sweetness and personal flair
moon seo yoon
Moon Seo Yoon also pursues more mature image that radiates command and luxury of a chaebol granddaughter 

A “fated” relationship with YG Entertainment 

Before getting caught in rumors of dating, Moon Seo Yoon has had a “special” relationship with YG artists. She appeared side by side with BLACKPINK and dancer Lee Jung while expressing a close friendship with CL and her sister. 

moon seo yoon blackpink
Moon Seo Yoon stands beside BLACKPINK 
moon seo yoon cl
Moon Seo Yoon is close with CL… 
moon seo yoon
.. and publicly sent birthday wishes to CL’s younger sister 
moon seo yoon
Moon Seo Yoon is also a very close friend to famous dancer and leader of YGX, Lee Jung 
moon seo yoon
They frequently interact on social media 

Source: Allkpop, Sina

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