G-Dragon went to a concert with the granddaughter of Korean chaebol Shinsegae?

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon became a hot topic after being spotted at a concert, allegedly with female company. 

On January 9th, Chinese media outlet Sina published a photo of G-Dragon at a concert with another person. The image has since been spreading through various SNS and online communities. 

In the photo, G-Dragon can be seen watching the “Street Man Fighter” concert in Seoul while wearing a mask. 


However, what draws attention is the identity of the party that G-Dragon watched the performance with. Reports said that the granddaughter of Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung Hee took a photo of herself watching a concert with G-Dragon, and shared it on her social media account.

lee myung hee

The photo in question shows the hands of a man and a woman holding light sticks cheering for YGX, a dance crew that appeared in “Street Man Fighter”. According to Sina, the owner of the hand with a smile tattoo is none other than G-Dragon. 


The smile tattoo in the photo is a signature tattoo revealed by G-Dragon several times through his social media, raising speculations.

On the other hand, G-Dragon recently signed a renewal contract with his agency, YG Entertainment, and announced various activities such as an album release in 2023.

Source: Nate

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