BTS’s V Creates Unforgettable Memories for Mexican Fans with Special Gifts on Last Day of “Jinny’s Kitchen” Filming

BTS’s V gives memorable gifts to Mexican fans on the last day of filming for “Jinny’s Kitchen.”

Even after achieving the goal of 12,000 pesos and closing all operations on the last day of the restaurant’s opening on “Jinny’s Kitchen”, BTS V was captured working hard in the kitchen making food for the Mexican fans who were expecting to see him.


According to Mexican fans on social media, V gifted fans who were waiting near the filming location with homemade food such as seasoned chicken and hot dogs, as well as “Jinny’s Kitchen” merchandise. 

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and gratitude for V, taking pictures of the food and merchandise and expressing that V was the most beautiful idol they had ever met.


In the last episode that aired last week, V surprised fans by performing BTS’s “Run BTS” on the streets of Bacalar, setting the scene on fire. The surprise performance was a way for V to show his gratitude to the fans who helped him successfully complete the filming by following the rules and maintaining order for a long time.

British media outlet “Clout News” introduced V’s dance video for “Jinny’s Kitchen,” which has received millions of views on TikTok, and praised V’s surprise performance for being full of energy and charisma and for his playful and sweet interaction with his fans.


It was reported that Mexican fans refrained from using their phones and watched the filming of “Jinny’s Kitchen” from a distance to maintain order. 

Although it was not shown on the broadcast, many Mexican fans were protecting the surrounding area to ensure that filming went smoothly.

Meanwhile, “Jinny’s Kitchen” has finished airing all of its episodes and is preparing for the last behind-the-scenes broadcast on May 5 at 8:50 PM KST.

Source: daum.

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