Here’s why BTS V suddenly went to the hospital while filming a drive vlog

V suddenly turned to an unexpected destination while shooting his vlog.

On July 9th, on BTS’s official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’, V’s drive vlog was released. V got into the driver’s seat 10 minutes after waking up. Despite being completely bare-faced, he drew admiration with his makeup-like visuals.

V said, “Today’s vlog is a drive with Taehyung. I haven’t decided on where to go yet. I will go to the forest,” as he selected a destination on the spot.

After a while, V turned around, saying, “I’m going to stop by the dentist for a while.” The caption reads, “I suddenly remembered that I hurt my tooth while eating ice cream last night, so I urgently changed my route to the dentist.

V said while laughing, “Filming is possible. I just got permission from the doctor. It has now turned into a dental vlog”. He explained the situation of his teeth, “I was told that I shouldn’t eat hard things, but I didn’t expect the ice cream to be so hard. My tooth is chipped. I have no choice but to stop by the dentist.”

Upon arriving at the dentist, V received treatment right away. The caption reads, “I’m more afraid of the dentist than I thought. I have a lot of trouble with the distinctive sound of dentistry.

While undergoing treatment, V seemed nervous and could not keep his hands still. He clenched his fists and clenched his fingers. 

After completing the treatment and getting back into the car, V confessed with a smile, “I almost died. Now I have nothing to fear. Going to the dentist is really scary.” 

Source: wikitree

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