SHINee’s Key is unexpectedly on the national news again

Key, a member of the group SHINee, appeared on the news once again. This time, it was a scene of him eating samgyetang.

On July 11th, MBC’s “News Today” reported on the rise in the price of healthy food ingredients under the title of “Chobok Healthy Food Ingredient Price Rise.” In the broadcast, The scene of SHINee Key‘s so-called “storm inhalation” of samgyetang was aired on the screen. The scene originally appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” in the past. MBC reported that the price of healthy food ingredients has risen, adding, “As of July 8th, the wholesale price of chicken was 3,901 won per kilogram, up more than 27% compared to a year ago.”

Key also appeared on “News Today” in May in a report titled “The MZ Generation who is obsessed with pet plants.”

In addition, in April last year, Key was seen growing green onions in the garden on the news related to the “Expected drop in green onion prices.” At that time, Key shared the news screen capture on his SNS and wrote, “Is this real?”

This is reportedly his third news appearance.

Source: daum

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