Guan Xiaotong’s father directly denied the marriage rumor of his daughter and ex-EXO Luhan 

It was previously reported that former EXO member Luhan and actress Guan Xiaotong had gotten married, but Guan Xiaotong’s father spoke up.

The father of Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong directly refuted rumors of marriage between his daughter and Luhan, a famous Chinese singer-actor and former member of boy group EXO.

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In particular, on November 7th, Chinese media Sina Entertainment published an interview with Guan Xiaotong’s father, in which the father addressed the marriage rumors of Guan Xiaotong and Luhan by saying, “It’s a rumor. They didn’t even register the marriage.”

Sina Entertainment also added that the Korean media that reported the couple’s marriage earlier included a lot of conflicting details, and emphasized that the part “according to Chinese media reports” was misrepresented and delivered as if it was an official position. 

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On the other hand, Guan Xiaotong’s father also said, “If the two of them really got married, we will tell everyone.”

At the same time, he denied accusations that his family received an engagement gift worth 19.5 billion won (almost 14 million USD), saying, “My family is reasonable.”

Source: Daum

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