Kim Woo Bin Calls Out the Employer Who Made His Junior Model Wear 80 Outfits for 400,000 Won

“The employer who made the model wear 80 outfits for 400,000 won, I must catch them.”

On May 17th, during a public interview for the release of Netflix’s “Black Knight” in Seoul, Kim Woo Bin emphasized, “If the boss sees this article, I hope they reflect on themselves and recognize the value of models more,” referring to the story of a junior model whom he recently met through a YouTube content. 


At the time, the rookie model revealed she had to wear 80 outfits for a shoot and was only paid 400,000 won. Hearing this, Kim Woo Bin, a senior in the modeling industry, got mad at the poor treatment his junior received.

Furthermore, recalling the meeting with his juniors through the YouTube content, Kim Woo Bin jokingly said, “It’s a good thing to pass on know-how. When I met my juniors after a long time, the biggest realization was ‘I’ve become an uncle.’” He also praised his juniors and said, continued, “I hope they work joyfully without getting tired.”


Earlier, Kim Woo Bin revealed that his childhood dream was to become a leader. When asked about this dream, he said, “While working as a model, I taught walking as a part-time job. I had good memories of that time. One of my disciples made their debut and it made me feel warm. I don’t know what I will do in the future, but if there is an opportunity, I don’t want to refuse it.

Kim Woo Bin, who is known for taking good care of his juniors as well as the people around him, recently gained praise by tagging supporting actors from “Black Knight” on Instagram to show his support.


Kim Woo Bin explained, “I wanted to express my gratitude once again and share my thanks. I posted (the pictures of the supporting cast) with the hope that those who are preparing for many projects could gain more attention.

Having primarily taken on intense roles, Kim Woo Bin also revealed his ambition for taking on roles as specialized professionals. He said, “I want to try roles as professional and even ones that can’t fight. I am always ready.” 

Source: nate

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