Lee Si Young attracted attention with her 1-million-won sandals

Lee Si Young suddenly became a hot name because of … 1 pair of sandals.

In the morning of today (April 25), the hottest No.1 position on Naver portal is not a serious scandal, but a pair of sandals.  It turns out, these sandals belong to the beauty of BOF – Lee Si Young.

On her personal page, Lee Si Young showed off a photo of her walking.  The actress wears a light thin shirt, jeans and a pair of sandals.  At first glance, the emerald green sandals are nothing special, even commented by netizens as “strangely ugly”.  But it turns out that it comes from luxury brand – Chanel. According to Korean media, these sandals cost more than 1 million won.  But the most surprising thing is that Lee Si Young revealed that these sandals are a bit tight for her.

This news topped the Naver news site this morning

Lee Si Young was born in 1982, started her career as an actress in 2018. Even when she joined the most famous movie of her career, BOF, she only played a weak supporting role.  Her career is less prominent, but the actress is married to a rich husband, a wealthy businessman, representing the Iliac Golf Korea Association.  Lee Si Young’s husband was also rewarded by the Gangnam District Police Department as a citizen who paid exemplary taxes.  This person also has close relationships with many artists such as Heechul (Super Junior).

Her wedding held at the luxurious Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel in 2017 made people admire the luxurious life of the actress and her husband.

In 2020, she and her husband sold 2 buildings in Seongsu, Seoul, and earned a total of 4,075 billion won after only 4 years.  Living a rich life, so it is not uncommon for Lee Si Young to wear sandals costed up to 1 million won. 

Source: k14

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