Kang Daniel is #1 of “Stars who are gullible on April Fool’s because they are good-hearted”, Park Bogum in #2

Singer Kang Daniel has been named as the #1 star who seems to be gullible and easily tricked on April Fool’s Day because he is so good-hearted.

According to a poll of 1,513 people conducted by elementary, middle and high school math education companies from April 22 to 31, Kang Daniel (1149 votes, 75.9%) was the top star who is likely to be deceived on April Fool’s because he is good-natured.

April 1st (April Fool’s) is a day when people cheat and make a fool of others with light jokes or plausible lies.

Kang Daniel debuted in August 2017 as a member of the project group Wanna One, which was produced by Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” and released five albums until Dec 31st last year, recording 3.5 million sales. He, who was loved by countless fans at the same time with his stable rap, low-pitched voice and accurate choreography, was dubbed a “perfect idol” even before his debut as he was recognized for his long B-boy experience and career majoring in modern dance.

Following Kang Daniel, Park Bo-gum (293 votes, 19.4%) came in second, followed by Yoo Jae-seok (33 votes, 2.2%), Kang Ha-neul (10 votes, 0.7%), and Jung Il-woo (9 votes, 0.6%).

Sources: Nate

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