GFriend’s Feelings about Sudden Disbandment Went Viral amid HYBE-ADOR Feud

Korean netizens are looking back on the remarks of GFriend members after the girl group was suddenly disbanded.

Recently, it was revealed that most NewJeans members were actually recruited and trained under Source Music – the agency of GFriend before the girl group was suddenly disbanded.

As a result, many netizens couldn’t help but bring up the past remarks of former GFriend members regarding the disbandment. 


In particular, group leader Sowon said, “It’s really hard to calm down. It was sudden news. I always thought that one day I would become an actress, but I didn’t expect that the time would come now. I’m very sad to have to part ways, but I have to live for the future and create a new path, so I can’t keep suffering. Of course, it took quite a bit of time to accept that truth. By now, almost a year has passed, and all the members have accepted and adapted. In fact, I think I’m the least adaptable one.”

Meanwhile, another GFriend member, SinB, disclosed, “How can we tell our fans that ‘GFRIEND won’t renew the contract’? We can’t say it in advance like that. So, a month before the news was reported, we cried while watching VLIVE, anđ cried when seeing fan support videos. I thought that on the day the news came out, we wouldn’t cry anymore, but we still cried a lot.”

“I live in the same dormitory with Sowon and Eunha. That morning, when we read the news, we all stepped out of our rooms at the same time and cried. Although we didn’t show it, it was really a difficult year for us, a year when I couldn’t imagine crying so much. I shed all the tears of my life last year”, she also confessed.

So far, a topic about GFriend’s feelings has been published on Korean forum platform “theqoo” and surpassed 40,000 views and 300 comments,

Source: theqoo, VKR

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