A photo said to be 5 members of YG’s new girl group draws attention

Fans are spreading this photo on Twitter, saying this could be BLACKPINK’s junior girl group. 

On January 17, Kpop fans shared a photo of 5 girls coming out of YG’s building. Many netizens believe they are members of YG’s next girl group – BLACKPINK junior. Although they were wearing masks, they all look young and tall, so it is possible that these are YG trainees.

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The photo that is said to be members YG’s new girl group

Earlier, YG’s rookie girl group was rumored to consist of 5 members, which matches the number of girls in this photo.  However, some netizens think not every girl walking out of YG is the company’s trainee. 

  • Let’s debut and top the 4th generation 
  • They all seem so tall
  • What if they were just makeup staff or hairstylists leaving work?
  • Since when are people coming out of YG building considered trainees? 
  • I hope YG won’t neglect BLACKPINK because of this, I’m still looking forward to the debut of the new girl group.
  • I’m excited for the new girl group too, but can BLACKPINK come back first?

Recently, netizens spread rumors that YG will continue to delay BLACKPINK’s comeback to make room for the debut of the rookie girl group. This rumor made BLACKPINK fans extremely angry. They constantly push keywords like “BLACKPINK comeback now”, “Stop delaying BLACKPINK” to the top of global Twitter trends. Many fans fear that the new girl group debut project will affect BLACKPINK’s comeback progress, music production, and position in YG.

It can be seen that although fans are looking forward to the debut of YG’s new generation girl group. However, if this debut affects BLACKPINK’s activities, then a “battle” between the two fandoms will definitely happen!

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