NewJeans Also Used “BTS’s Younger Sister”, Min Hee-jin Criticized for Being a Hypocrite

Min Hee-jin said she hates other groups using NewJeans’ name for promotion, yet used BTS to promote NewJeans. 

Previously on April 22, HYBE launched an investigation against Min Hee-jin, the CEO of NewJeans’ agency ADOR for attempting independence and leaking confidential information. Additionally, HYBE is known to have demanded Min Heejin’s resignation.

After such news surfaced, Min Heejin released a statement, where she criticized the 5-member girl group ILLIT, who debuted under the HYBE label Belift Lab, of copying NewJeans, stating that cultural achievements by NewJeans are ironically being severely infringed upon by HYBE.

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Min Heejin warned that neither HYBE nor Belift Lab, nor anyone else, should be allowed or consented to utilize NewJeans achievements. 

“I will not tolerate any promotion that calls the recently debuted rookie group a sibling of NewJeans based solely on the fact that they debuted under a label under HYBE”, she stated.

This statement by Min Hee-jin has raised eyebrows among many. In particular, her being against promotion as “someone’s sister group” is contradictory. Even NewJeans garnered public attention with labels like “HYBE’s rookie girl group” or “BTS’s sister group” before their official debut. 

Additionally, NewJeans members even got the chance to appear in BTS’s MV – an obvious tactic of promotion using BTS’ fame. 

As such, Min Hee-jin’s statement has led to comments criticizing her for being a “hypocrite”. 

Source: Daum

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