BLACKPINK Jennie reveals her date with model Shin Hyun Ji in Tokyo and Chanel after party rehearsal

BLACKPINK member Jennie shared her daily life moments in Tokyo.

On August 11th, Jennie uploaded a new video titled “Jennie in Tokyo – Part 1” on her personal Youtube channel “Jennierubyjane”.

In the video, Jennie was seen departing from Seoul to Tokyo with model Shin Hyun Ji. Arriving in Tokyo, Jennie went to eat sukiyaki right away with Shin Hyun Ji. She said, “It’s really yummy. Hyun Ji said she’ll passionately film for my V-LOG”, adding “It’s No.1 out of all the sukiyakis I’ve had”.

jennie blackpink

Arriving at her accommodation after eating, Jennie showed the food she bought in front of the camera and shared, “We came back to the hotel. I bought some crepes from a very famous crepe shop in Japan. I’ll try having it now”.

The next day, Jennie went to the rehearsal for Chanel after party. After the rehearsal, she said, “I just finished rehearsals with Hyun Ji. We both went to work, and we’re both off work now. I’m suffering from a bad cold”. Jennie then sighed and took medicine for her cold.

jennie blackpink

Later, she headed to a sushi restaurant where she couldn’t cancel the reservation although she was sick. Jennie said, “The three of us get together so often and we’ve become really tight”.

Trying sushi and lemon, Jennie told her friends, “I like lemon. Let’s play rock paper scissors, whoever loses eat the lemon”. After finishing the meal, Jennie went shopping.

Source: Nate

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