Jessica celebrated New Year at a gathering with the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend 

A new update on former Girls’ Generation member Jessica and her boyfriend Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend has been revealed.

On January 2nd, Charlene Choi, a member of the Hong Kong girl group Twins, shared pictures of a year-end gathering with her friends on her Instagram account.

In the photos, the two women that caught the most attention were Jessica and Gillian Chung. Gillian Cheung, another member of Twins, sat in the front row and smiled brightly, next to Jessica smiling with her hand on her cheek.

jessica jung

Gillian Chung is the ex-girlfriend of Jessica’s boyfriend, Tyler Kwon. She and Jessica recently appeared together on the Chinese girl group’s re-debut program “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3, drawing much attention.

While it was difficult to see Jessica and Gillian Chung share the same frame during and after the program aired, Charlene Choi’s private gathering showed the two of them together. It looks like they are cool with each other. 

jessica jung

Gillian Chung and Tyler Kwon were reported to be dating in 2012 by Hong Kong paparazzi, but broke up the following year. Gillian Chung married a Taiwanese doctor in 2018, but she got a divorce in 2020 after two years. Meanwhile, Jessica and Tyler Kwon have been dating for 9 years.

Source: Nate

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