EXO’s Xiumin is an idol-turned-mart owner in new youth drama  

The challenge of running a mart of former idols will be depicted in ‘Boss-dol Mart’

The new drama ‘Boss-dol Mart’ confirmed its exclusive release on Tving on September 5th. A group poster featuring the refreshing visuals of the main cast has also been revealed.

The five members of the disbanded boy group ‘Thunder Boys,’ played by Lee Shin Young, EXO Xiumin, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Choi Won Myung, and Lee Se Eon, are dressed in colorful uniforms and showcase their warm visuals while holding green onions and cabbage. The phrase “We are now the mart owners” stands out.

CEO Dol Mart

They also revealed their positions. Lee Shin Young (as Choi Ho Rang) is the leader, Xiumin (as Shin Tae Ho) is the main dancer, Hyungwon (as Cho Yi Joon) is the rapper, Choi Won Myung (as Eun Young Min) is the vocalist, and Lee Se Eon (as Yoon Sang Woo) is the maknae. 

The production team introduced ‘Boss-dol Mart’ as “a story where five young men momentarily lose their dreams and face a harsh reality, using an unexpected opportunity as a stepping stone to explore a new life.”

They added, “This generation’s youth standing at the crossroads between dreams and reality will be able to enjoy the drama together with empathy and delight, and we will convey energy with the actors’ passionate enthusiasm.”

‘Boss-dol Mart’ is a youth comedy drama that depicts the challenge of running a mart business of the disbanded idol group ‘Thunder Boys’ due to an unexpected accident. It will premiere on September 15th at 4 PM KST.

Source: Dispatch

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