ILLIT Tells Behind Story About “Magnetic”, “It Took Us 2 Hours To Record The Intro Part”

Members of HYBE’s girl group ILLIT revealed behind-the-scenes stories of their recording for the debut song “Magnetic”

On the evening of April 24th, SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” featured the guest appearance of ILLIT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, Iroha), who came to promote their first mini album “Super Real Me”.

When MC Kim Tae-gyun commented, “As soon as I listened to ‘Magnetic’, I already thought it would be a hit”, Minju said, “It took us 2 hours to record the intro part. We recorded it again the next day. We couldn’t get the right feelings at first. So we tried to learn it and did the recording again”, drawing attention.

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Expressing her affection for “Magnetic”, Yunah said, “The song was very good. I didn’t have much confidence at first, but after listening to the song, I started to gain confidence. I believed that we had met a good song”.

They also talked about the b-side track “Lucky Girl Syndrome”. Wonhee said, “It’s a song about the small ‘luck’ that ILLIT thinks about. It contains our random charms. It has a tomboy vibe. It expresses our thought of ‘lucky syndrome’”, adding “The luckiest member in the group is Moka. She always loses something but finds it in the end. Eventually, she never loses anything. I recently lost my glasses and eventually found it broken in the car”

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