YouTuber Lee Jin Ho “Ma Dong Seok was stabbed in the back”

There was a reason why actor Ma Dong Seok was chosen as the “worst movieman”.

On Jan 15th, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video titled “The reason why Ma Dong Seok was stabbed in the back” on his YouTube channel. Ma Dong Seok refrained from exposing himself to the media after being stabbed in the back by movie reporters, but he was selected as the “worst movieman” for this reason.

Lee Jin Ho claimed, “When Ma Dong Seok entered the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, he had a beer party with reporters. Usually, the first part is in the form of an interview, and the second part is a private conversation. In the second part, a reporter asked Ma Dong Seok, ‘When are you going to marry Ye Jung Hwa?’ Ma Dong Seok replied ‘I’m going to do it next year’ without thinking that the reporter would write an article. However, this reporter broke an unwritten law and published an article about Ma Dong Seok’s marriage. Ma Dong Seok felt a great sense of betrayal.

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He then explained, “Ma Dong Seok is said to have lost trust in reporters in the wake of this incident. Since then, Ma Dong Seok hasn’t been interviewed for personal reasons. Media exposure was strictly blocked. From Ma Dong Seok’s point of view, there’s some unfairness. He gave reporters his trust, but was stabbed in the back. He seems to have been considered the ‘worst movieman’ for these reasons. What’s more interesting is that the above-mentioned reporter no longer does this job.

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Earlier last year, Ma Dong Seok was chosen as the “worst movieman“. Ma Dong Seok produced and starred in “The Roundup“, but skipped interviews for personal reasons. He also refused to be interviewed despite the fact that he produced and starred in the movie “Men of Plastic”, which was released in November last year.

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At that time, movie reporters criticized, “He wants his movies to be successful, but he doesn’t want to do interviews“, “He doesn’t care even though he’s not only the leading actor but also the producer“…

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