Park So Dam talks her current state of health and difficulty battling thyroid cancer

Park So Dam opened up about her struggles after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 

On January 16th, Park So Dam, the lead actor of the movie “Phantoms”, had an interview with OSEN in Seoul. 

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Director Lee Hae Young’s “Phantom” depicts the real ghost’s unstoppable operation and desperate struggle by suspects trapped in a remote hotel to overcome suspicion and escape. They are suspected of being spy ghosts planted by an anti-Japanese organization in the Japanese Government-General of Korea in Gyeongseong in 1933.

Park So Dam plays Yuriko, who was dragged to the hotel after being caught in a trap trying to find the ghost of an anti-Japanese organization spy who infiltrated the Japanese government-general. She is an ambitious woman who took advantage of her provocative charm as a weapon, and rose to the position of secretary to the Prime Minister of the Government-General of Korea despite being a Joseon.

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Previously, Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2021. She underwent surgery, and fortunately, she recovered and resumed her activities.

Regarding her current state of health, Park So Dam said, “Although it has improved a lot, due to hormonal imbalance, my skin may look bad. Many parts of my body are stagnant because of the surgery. So I have been doing pilates since April last year. I go 5-6 times a week, and I did it this morning. I’m looking for my own pattern, but if I don’t create a flow, my condition won’t improve. If I go on a schedule for a day, my physical strength isn’t as good as before. However, thinking about this time last year, I think I am healthy and happy now.”

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Usually, cancer treatment is considered to last for 5 years, but Park So Dam said, “They say that 5 years is when you look at the chance of recurrence while doing chemotherapy. Fortunately, I did not do chemotherapy, but I had 10 lumps in my neck. It metastasized to the lymph nodes. If I promoted ‘Special Cargo’, I could lose my nerves in my voice, so the doctor said I shouldn’t do it without surgery. At that time, he said that my lungs were next to the lymphatic gland. If I discovered it any later, I would have to take anti-cancer.”

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According to Park So Dam, it took six months to find her voice after surgery.“It’s not exactly until a few years later would I become completely cured, but now my voice comes out and I’m resting and adjusting my condition. Still, I have to take medicine for more than 5 years, and I have to find my pattern”, she said.

Finally, Park So Dam added,”I’m cautious about saying ‘I’m not cured’. I have to try not to get stressed as much as possible, and I have to prepare in case my condition drops due to hormones. I have to take care of myself more carefully than before.”

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On the other hand, “Phantom” will be released on January 18th.

Source: Nate.

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