Park Yoo-chun’s “On the Edge” releases dark and heavy main trailer 

The movie “On the Edge” released its main trailer that suggests a dark and heavy atmosphere.

“On the Edge” (directed by Kim Si-woo, produced by Ninetails Korea, distributed by Blue Film Works) is a hard-boiled melo film that depicts the story of two people Tae-hong (Park Yoo-chun), a man who lost everything in a moment, and Hong-dan (Lee Jin-ri), a woman who has nothing to lose from the beginning, facing each other in life on the verge of falling into the abyss.

on the edge

The main trailer released on Sep 28th draws attention by depicting a man and a woman who met at the end of the abyss. Along with the copy phrase “The man who lost everything at once”, it shows Tae-hong, who was once a successful doctor but lost everything due to a certain incident.

The characters revealed in turn have their own stories. The scene of Tae-hong sitting side by side with Hong-dan, who is hiding a sad story, and talking to each other makes viewers look forward to the synergy between the two actors.

on the edge

The scene of Tae-hong and Hong-dan heading somewhere hints at their fate and heralds a hard-boiled melo film. On top of that, Tae-hong standing dangerously on the railing raises curiosity about what choice he will make for survival and love at the crossroads of choice.

In particular, the copy phrase “Be wary then, best safety lies in fear” is a line from one of Shakespeare’s plays, “Hamlet”. It raises expectations by showing the situation of Tae-hong, who falls into the abyss and suffers from numerous conciliations and threats.

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“On the Edge” won Best Male Actor at the 2021 US Las Vegas Asian Film Awards, Best Screenplay at the BCIFF in France, as well as Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture at the Swedish BIFF Awards. 

“On the Edge” will meet the audience in October.

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