Yeojin (LOONA) was not paid in 5 years of activity, raising concerns and worries from her fandom 

Orbits (LOONA’s fandom) expressed their frustration with Blockberry Creative after her sharing on FAB. 

On the 23th, K-pop girl group LOONA had a direct conversation with fans through FAB – a platform allowing artists to share images, everyday video clips and voice recordings with fans. Fans can also reply to messages in the form of dialogue and converse with their favorite artists here. On the platform, Yeojin surprised her fans by revealing that she had not been paid by her company, from the start of debut to this point. 


Specifically, fans expressed their happiness upon seeing the idol carrying  a beautiful handbag, assuming Yeojin was finally able to afford expensive items. However, in reply, the idol quickly denied and corrected that she has, in fact, not received any payment: “My mom gave it to me. I’m not rich. I don’t even receive earnings”. The fan continued to ask about the duration of the current condition, to which she replied the company had delayed the payment since the group debuted. At present, the idol has debuted with LOONA for 5 years.

yeojin loona
The information was revealed in the chats between Yeojin (LOONA) and fans on FAB. 

Confronted with the member’s reveal, the fandom are showing concern for the singer, worrying that she would be scolded. While Yeojin felt scared, she also was more at ease when she could talk of the truth: “Actually I’m a little scared. But what can I do, it’s true. It feels relieving for me too. That took a lot of courage just now”. Comments poured in to show support for the female idol, reminding the idol to direct attention to what to have for dinner instead of negative subjects. 

There are many occurences that led to fan’s dissatisfaction with the way Blockberry Creative manages their idols. Last year, a news source stated the company was in a serious financial crisis and was denounced for not paying their staff. More recently, the members were absent one by one due to an extremely thick schedule for their first world tour, seriously affecting their health and resulting in injuries. In their Mexican concert on August 28th, Yeojin was seen fainting on stage during a performance. 

Source: BB

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