A SM idol is rumored to be dating his co-star, all because of one word

A famous Kpop idol under SM Entertainment is likely dating an actress, netizens said.

Recently, rumor has it that NCT’s Doyoung and actress Kwon Ah Reum are dating. This follows a post on the actress’s Instagram, where she constantly uses the word “Ddoing” in both the caption and her comments, which doesn’t really mean anything. 

Kwon Ah Reum’s Instagram post with the caption “Ddoing”. This is a nickname of NCT’s Doyoung, so suspicions have arisen. 

According to fans, “Ddoing” is actually the nickname of Doyoung, and so, this might be a dating hint. In addition, the same-aged idol and actress is going to be co-stars in the upcoming drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me”, so it’s possible that they have met and grown closer. 

The actress also replied “Ddoing” in the comments after a fan praised her for being cute.  
A behind photo for the upcoming project of NCT’s Doyoung and Kwon Ah Reum.

Both Doyoung and Ah Reum were born in 1996. While Doyoung debuted as a main vocalist of Kpop group NCT in 2016, Ah Reum only started acting in 2020 and since has appeared in “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me”, “The Witch Store Reopening”, “Back To the 2008”, etc. 

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