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This male singer didn’t recognize BTS Jin’s face, shocked the entire studio

Singer Jung Se Woon failed the “Character Quiz.”

Jung Se Woon went on a picnic with actors and singers from Starship Entertainment on tvN’s “The Game Caterers 2,” which was recently broadcast. In this episode, Jung Se Woon participated in the “Character Quiz” with late-night snacks on the line with singer K.Will and the members of MONSTA X. After failing several times, he played the final match for five late-night snacks.

monsta x

They continuously got the right answers for actor Jung Woo Sung and singer Jessi. However, Ki Hyun failed to shout out the answer for “Singer Jay Park,” and was sadly eliminated. Ki Hyun was shocked, saying, “I am wrong?”

K.Will suggested, “Let’s look at the next question,” and continued the “Character Quiz” regardless of victory or defeat. The ones who are bad at “Character Quiz” succeeded smoothly, matching singer Lee Bum Soo, lyricist Kim Ea Na, and actor Lee Kwang Soo.

monsta x
monsta x

At that time, a photo of BTS Jin came out during Jung Se Woon’s turn, and Jung Se Woon only dropped his jaw without saying anything. Those who were watching immediately stood up from their seats to try to control the situation.

MONSTA X Joo Heon comforted Jung by calling out his name, saying, “Hey! Se Woon, Se Woon, Se Woon.” Jung Se Woon, who belatedly realized the situation, said, “This place is too hot, isn’t it?” drawing laughter.

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