YG trainees who claimed to be BABYMONSTER, where are they now?

2 trainees of a YG subsidiary in China introduced themselves as BABYMONSTER, but never made it to the group. 

In 2020, Vicky Wei and Jane Wang appeared on the Chinese survival audition show “Youth With You Season 2”, and introduced themselves as “BABYMONSTER”. At the time, the duo were trainees under Shining Star Culture – a subsidiary of YG Entertainment in China. 


Whilst drawing a lot of attention via “Youth With You Season 2”, Vicky Wei and Jane Wang were unable to make it to the final debut lineup. They are also not included in the official lineup of BABYMONSTER – the upcoming YG girl group that is expected to follow the steps of BLACKPINK. 


It is known that Vicky Wei eventually left Shining Star Culture and signed a contract with Rock Forward Entertainment, On April 10th of 2023, she debuted as a member of the Chinese girl group Univu5. 

On the other hand, many sources reported that Jang Wang has also left Shining Star Culture and is currently active as an influencer on Weibo – a popular Chinese SNS platform. 

Source: VKR News

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