Fans react to Kim Tae Ri’s ‘talent donation’ controversy after her agency’s official apology

The controversy over Kim Tae Ri’s recruitment of Youtube subtitle translators continues even after her agency apologized.

On May 23rd, Management mm announced their official position on the controversy over Kim Tae Ri’s ‘talent donation’ recruitment.


The agency said, “In all the videos in ‘So This is The Place?’ series, no revenue is generated, even for the advertisement parts. Her action of requesting assistance for various language subtitle translations also started with her sole desire that more international fans would be able to enjoy the videos.”

In the meantime, the agency apologized for causing inconvenience contrary to their original intention.

A day earlier, Kim Tae Ri posted on her Instagram, saying “We are finally giving you the English subtitles for Episode 3 (of the Youtube Vlog ‘So This is The Place?’). This time, I have a new announcement!”

She continued, “I wondered if there was a way to provide subtitles in their native languages. While thinking about it, I came up with an idea. I wonder if there are any hidden talents among my fans from various countries who are willing to jump into translation”, adding “This project is done through talent donation. We will put your email or SNS ID of the subtitle contributor at the end of the subtitle work if you want”.

In response to Kim Tae Ri’s post, netizens gave cold reactions. They pointed out the fact that it is not appropriate to ask for talent donations to private content, not content for the public interest.

As the controversy grew, the actress deleted her post without an explanation.

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Even after her agency released an official statement and apology, many Internet users commented, “You deleted the post. Looks like you really don’t intend to pay the translators”, “Do a talent donation by not receiving payments for acting”, “You think you can deceive your fans?”, etc.

On the other hand, some people showed opposite reactions. They comforted Kim Tae Ri with supportive comments, such as “You don’t need to think about subtitles next time”, “I think they are rejecting her too excessively”, and so on.

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