Wealthy trainees “steal” the place of talented ones, said former SM and YG trainee

A former trainee under SM and YG Entertain made various revelations about the reality of the Korean entertainment industry.

Bianca Zhou, an influencer with around 30,000 followers on social networking services, mainly posts content introducing K-pop trainees. She previously revealed that she used to be a trainee under SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

In one video, Bianca mentioned that some trainees are unable to debut, despite having talent and hard work, since they have no money.

Bianca Zhou

 “People with a lot of financial support come in and take their place,” the former trainee said, adding, “This happens not only in small companies that require investment, but also frequently occurs in the four major K-pop agencies: SM, YG, JYP, and HYBE.”

Bianca Zhou went on to explain that some K-pop groups require significant funds for concepts, styling, and filming techniques, making “investment from trainees’ families” attractive, even to wealthy agencies.

She continued, “Sometimes, even if wealthy trainees lack exceptional talent, they can take someone else’s place. Companies can replace other trainees who have been with the company for a long time, solely because they have funds to support their debut.

Finally, Bianca Zhou emphasized, “The entertainment industry is about connections, and if the trainee is involved in a powerful social circle, then the company will notice.”

Previously, Miya, a Japanese model who used to be a member of the girl group GWSN, revealed the problems of idol life and management agencies in Korea in an interview with the Japanese media.


Recalling her time as a trainee, Miya used the word “imprisoned” and said, “Too many people are ‘joking’ about agencies that house teenagers in prison-like conditions.”

She also shockingly revealed, “The company I was with was especially strict. There was no free time, no money, and my cell phone was confiscated.”

With the spread of the “Hallyu wave” worldwide, more and more people are dreaming of becoming K-pop artists. However, it’s a huge pity that their dreams are being trampled on by certain forces.

Source: Nate

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