The good relationship between JYP Entertainment and their former artists

JYP Entertainment has always maintained a good relationship with its artists even when they are no longer working under the company’s name.

JYP Entertainment is one of the top three biggest entertainment companies in Korea. Currently, this “big man” owns many famous idol groups such as TWICE, ITZY, Stray Kids, and NMIXX. In addition to the productive promotions for their idols, JYP Entertainment is also appreciated for the way they treat their former artists such as GOT7, Sunmi, Wonder Girls, and Jeon Somi.

Recently, Sunmi made a successful comeback with the summer song “Heart Burn”. It is worth mentioning that the president of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young extremely enthusiastically supported the comeback of the female idol who used to be under his company. He even made a post on Instagram to express his love for Sunmi. Moreover, Park Jin Young also humorously performed the “hula dance” dance challenge with the song “Heart Burn” playing in the background.

Previously, Sunmi worked under JYP Entertainment as a member of Wonder Girls. After the group disbanded, the female idol stayed at JYP for a while and then left the company. However, Park Jin Young always follows and supports Sunmi and other Wonder Girls members in every moment of their life. Wonder Girls members even one time gathered and freely exposed the JYP president on television.

When GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, JYP was criticized by many fans for saying that this company had treated the group badly.  However, after all, the company showed a gentle attitude towards the group.  JYP has ceded the copyright and trademark of GOT7 to the members, including songs, social media accounts,… And of course, no lawsuit between GOT7 and JYP broke out.

After leaving JYP Entertainment and facing a series of controversies, many people thought that Jeon Somi would hardly have the opportunity to meet artists under her former company.  However, in fact, the female idol still maintains a close relationship with many idols like TWICE and Bangchan (Stray Kids).

In order to maintain its position as the top K-pop entertainment company, not only has a quality lineup of artists, but JYP Entertainment is also appreciated for its treatment towards former artists.

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