“Sweet newlyweds” Son Ye-jin eats face to face with Hyun Bin… Self-cooked dining table

Actress Son Ye-jin boasted about the dinner table she made herself.

Son Ye-jin posted on her Instagram on July 17th, “Are you all having a good Sunday evening? Tomorrow is the start of a new week. You liked my food last time so much, so I worked hard to make them and took pictures again. I’m very proud. Have good food and stay healthy♥.”

The photos show a variety of dishes, from Korean food to Western dishes such as shabu-shabu, pasta and salad. In particular, two pairs of tableware face each other on the table, drawing attention by giving a glimpse into the daily life of the newlyweds.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March. She received a lot of congratulations when announcing her pregnancy on June 27th.

Source: nate

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