“Doona!” Yang Se-jong, Helpless Against Suzy’s Push And Pull “To Be Released On October 20th”

“Doona!” has been confirmed to be released on October 20th

Netflix’s series “Doona!” is a romance drama about ordinary college student Won-jun meeting Doona, who retired after leaving behind the glamorous K-pop idol days, and becoming housemates.

The teaser poster, released on September 21st, provides hints about the relationship between former idol Lee Doona (played by Bae Suzy) and college student Lee Won-jun (played by Yang Se-jong). The colorful palette and dialogue snippets such as “Can’t you just tell me you like me?” and “Then what should we do? Do we really have to date?” suggest a vibrant and intriguing romance.

Doona’s playful and enigmatic personality keeps Won-jun guessing, and he can’t help but express his curiosity, asking, “What on earth are you thinking about? I really want to know.” As their feelings develop, they grow closer, sharing meaningful moments and intense eye contact.


The teaser trailer released together captures the sunny charm of Doona and Won-jun, highlighting their contrasting worlds as a former idol and a college student. As they share a house, their lives become intertwined, and Doona’s unpredictable behaviors keep Won-jun on his toes.

Director Lee Jeong-hyo aimed to depict the gradual progression of their relationship in a detailed manner, allowing viewers to follow the characters’ emotional journey as they become increasingly intertwined.

Source: Daum

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