“All Of Us Are Dead” theories: Nam Ra to become a powerful leader, reunite with Cheong San and face a big enemy? 

Fans are looking forward to these theories becoming reality in All Of Us Are Dead season 2.

Season 1 of Netflix’s zombie hit All Of Us Are Dead has ended with 12 episodes, but viewers have continuously come up with a series of insane and shocking theories. One of the most interesting theories of All Of Us Are Dead’s fans is about the future of class president Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun) and her difficult and challenging journey in season 2.

All Of Us Are Dead theories

Originally, the drama All Of Us Are Dead was adapted from the webtoon but there are many changes. Therefore, even though this theory is not in the original comic, fans are still very much looking forward to it happening.

1. Nam Ra will become the leader of the “hambies” in the locked down Hyosan city

“Hambie” is a phrase used to refer to people who are bitten by a zombie but do not completely turn into one, like Nam Ra or Gwi Nam. In the final episode, Nam Ra reveals that there are more people like her – opening up a wide range of possibilities for the next season (if any).

With quite ingenious leadership and experience as a class president, Nam Ra can become the leader of the hambies in fights. The hambies all possess special abilities (super hearing, strength…) and each can even have a unique superpower. Basically, Nam Ra can lead an entire team of super zombies in the next season.

2. Nam Ra will reunite with Cheong San

Cheong San’s fate is still a mystery, but many viewers expect him to have been turned into a hambie by Gwi Nam. In the final battle, both Cheong San and Gwi Nam are engulfed in fire. Although many details indicate that Cheong San is dead, there are viewers who still believe that he is still alive (based on Gwi Nam’s survival ability).

All Of Us Are Dead theories

If that’s true, Cheong San may be reunited with Nam Ra in season 2, and they’ll form a new group with unknown hambies.

3. It’s a pity that if that’s the case, Gwi Nam will still be alive

If Cheong San is still alive, there’s no reason for Gwi Nam to die. A viewer made an interesting theory: There will be two teams of good and evil hambies confronting each other in season 2.

Hambies can be either good or bad. If Nam Ra leads a group of good hambies, then Gwi Nam’s team can consist of bad ones. Then, they will confront each other in an epic and intense battle in season 2.

Currently, there is no information about the release of Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead, but the drama is having extremely good performances worldwide. Nearly 10 days since the release, All Of Us Are Dead has not left the top 1 position on Netflix globally, drawing massive attention not only in Asia but also around the world. 

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