College best friend exposed Kim Go Eun for using her?

As the goddess of her school, Kim Go Eun allegedly “used” a friend of her during college years. 

On July 28th, a video titled “How to overcome a slump by actress Kim Go Eun” was published on the YouTube channel “Aglory”.

Here, while talking with the show’s three hosts, Kim Go Eun discussed various topics, including her struggles, career, and even funny drinking habits back in college. In addition, Kim Go Eun’s college friend, “The Good Bad Mother” star Ahn Eun Jin, also made a special appearance on the phone and “exposed” her friend. 

kim go eun

It is known that Kim Go Eun and Ahn Eun Jin both attended the 10th class of the Korean National University of Arts as acting majors, and naturally became close. Therefore, when asked to reveal a secret about Kim Go Eun, Ahn Eun Jin only pondered a little before “exposing” her college best friend. 

In particular, Ahn Eun Jin revealed that since Kim Go Eun was so popular during their college years, she has “chased her around more than just a couple of times”. “It feels like she used me, now that I think about it”, the actress also added. 

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Ahn Eun Jin’s exposure of Kim Go Eun’s past amused the hosts of the show

According to Ahn Eun Jin, senior boys at school all like Kim Go Eun, and so would keep asking her about that latter. 

“I remember them asking me like ‘where are you?’ but they were all senior boys who like Go Eun. It was exhausting for me because of all the boys who were looking for Go Eun”, the actress confessed.

The hosts, who were thrilled with Ahn Eun Jin’s story, eagerly anticipated the continuation. They even asked if Kim Go Eun would lie about hanging out with Ahn Eun Jin, only to go and meet other guys.  

kim go eun
kim go eun

However, Ahn Eun Jin defended her friend this time, saying, “I would’ve known if it was like that. She was just always with me.”

Hearing this, Kim Go Eun playfully said, “Thank you for exposing me.”

On the other hand, Kim Go Eun was once among the “three goddesses” of the Korean National University of Arts and was highly famous among the students there.

Source: YouTube ‘Aglory’

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