“Don’t touch IU carelessly”, the reason why IU fans are angry

Fans of singer and actress IU are expressing their anger after a foreign influencer toughed IU at an event.

On May 16th, IU attended the 2024 Gucci Cruise fashion show, which was held at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. Various fashion magazines paid attention to the event that day, but a video posted by fashion magazine “Vogue Taiwan” sparked the anger of IU’s fandom, “UAENA”.

In particular, the aforementioned video shows a woman grabbing IU’s wrist as the idol-actress  was passing by with a bodyguard. It is later revealed that the woman was Molly Chiang, an influencer active in Taiwan.


As backlash from fans intensified, Molly posted an apology on her Instagram story, saying, “It’s proper to ask first if you want to take a picture with a celebrity. If they refuse, I won’t take it. I’m really sorry.”

However, some fans continued to express their anger. They left harsh comments for Molly and started spreading maliciously forged text screens, which shows Molly badmouthing IU.

In response, Molly stated, “I deeply apologize for reaching out or having physical contact with a celebrity who does not know me”, adding “I’m nothing compared to celebrities, but I was able to be directly invited to these brands because of my hard efforts. It’s unfair to ignore all my efforts and career due to this incident.”

The influencer also clarified that the text screen showing her cursing IU was forged, and warned that she would take legal action if she continues to be slandered.

Not only that, Molly said, “With the help of an acquaintance, I got the contact number of IU’s agency. I translated the apology letter to send to them,” and once again apologized to IU and her fans.

Meanwhile, Molly, a famous influencer, recently attended various brand events held in Korea and has taken photos with NewJeans Hyein, Stray Kids Felix, actors Wi Ha Joon, Cha Joo Young, Kim Gun Woo, and model Irene.

Source: Nate

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