Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica appeared on Chinese female BJ training program

Jessica, who confirmed her re-debut in a Chinese girl group, appeared on an entertainment show to foster female BJs in China this time.

On August 19th, the first episode of Chinese short-form platform Kuaishou’s web entertainment show “Voice like a Summer Flower” was broadcast. “Voice like a Summer Flower” is released every Friday at 8 PM (China Standard Time) through Chinese short-form platform Kuaishou. It is a reality program that depicts the growth of 30 participants who dream of becoming female BJs.

jessica jung

Jessica, who met local viewers through the Chinese survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, will also appear on this program. Jessica appears regularly as a manager to help female BJs debut. Alongside Jessica, Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang and singer Silence Wang will work as managers to help female BJs in training. Participants will form teams with managers to perform various missions and grow into female BJs.

jessica jung

Meanwhile, Chinese media outlets reported earlier that Jessica was scheduled to appear on Chinese Mango TV’s new entertainment show “Seaside of the Band”. Fans are paying keen attention to Jessica’s full-fledged activities in China as she is expected to begin filming at the end of August with fellow members Kelly Yu, Zhang Tian Ai, Liu Yan and Zhao Meng. 

Jessica appeared on Chinese Mango TV’s survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, which recently ended. “Sisters Who Make Waves 3” is a program in which female stars in their 30s or older compete to re-debut in a new girl group through various performances.

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