Kwak Dong-yeon refused the proposal from a fan born in 2008, “If it comes true, we won’t be able to release the movie…”

Actor Kwak Dong-yeon showed his extraordinary sense while having a conversation with fans.

Kwak Dong-yeon held a Q&A session with fans on his SNS account on August 21st.

kwak dong yeon

A fan drew attention by proposing to him, saying “Someone born in 2008 can’t become a couple with you, right?”. In response, Kwak Dong-yeon replied, “If this comes true, we won’t be able to release this movie…”, drawing laughter.

When asked, “What if someone born in 1995 seriously brings the marriage certificate to you?”, the actor replied, “Let’s start with finding a ceremony hall”, making fans laugh hard.

kwak dong yeon

In addition, when a fan asked, “How about those born in 1905?”, Kwak Dong-yeon replied, “There must be a lot of things I can learn from you”, showing off his extraordinary sense.

Meanwhile, Kwak Dong-yeon was born in 1997 and he is currently starring in MBC’s drama Big Mouth” alongside Lee Jong-suk and Im Yoon-ah. In addition, the comedy film “6/45” starring him is scheduled to be released on August 24th.

Source: nate

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