“Too many couple items”, NCT Haechan and ITZY Ryujin dating rumors are spreading online

Fans are bringing up new “evidence” regarding NCT Haechan and ITZY Ryujin’s relationship. 

Recently, NCT Haechan and ITZY Ryujin have been spotted boasting several similarities, and fans are speculating that the two are in a relationship. 

First of all, fans argued that there are several couple items that Haechan and Ryujin use together.

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Haechan and Ryujin were using the same cell phone model, phone case, in-ear, and smart watch. They were even found wearing the same custom sneakers with a flower painting underneath them.

Other than couple items, the two were also said to have used the same phrases and tones, raising suspicions among fans. For example, while communicating with their fans through the platform “Bubble”, Haechan and Ryujin both used similar phrases in specific conversation contexts such as “I did it”, “Let’s do it”, “So~”, and “sleep veeery tight”.

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In fact, speculations of a relationship between the two have been raised since last year. 

During Haechan’s V-Live, his personal tablet screen was exposed, and netizens noticed that he was only following NCT channel and ITZY channel on V App.

In addition, the names of Haechan and Ryujin’s pets were similar, which drew attention, with Haechan naming his pet “Woojoo” (Universe) and Ryujin calling her cats “Byul-i” (Star) and “Dal-i” (Moon). 

Recently, the rumors about Haechan and Ryujin being an item became even fiercer, as certain “eyewitnesses” spotted Ryujin standing in front of an apartment in Seongsu-dong, where Haechan resides. 

At these rumors, several fans show their suspicions, writing comments like “There are too many couple items so I have been suspicious from before”, “Are you really dating?”, “I’d rather take a neutral stance”. 

Although Haechan and Ryujin’s dating rumors are spreading, the two’s agencies, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, have not yet made a statement.

Source: insight

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