A hilarious “dark past” moment that TWICE’s Sana wants to erase 

A post titled “A dark past moment that TWICE’s Sana wants to erase” was recently uploaded to a Korean online community and drew much attention.

It was a moment during Sana’s guest appearance on KBS2’s variety program “Trick and True” in 2016. During the show, Sana was shown clapping while falling asleep during the live broadcast. 

While reacting to this hilarious moment on MBC’s “Oppa Thinking” in 2017, Sana said, “At that time, I stayed up all night for three days. I thought I was working hard with my eyes open, but I was dozing off.”

In a Q&A interview afterwards, when Sana was asked, “Is there a memory you want to erase?” Sana said, “There is a broadcast meme of me that day, so I want to erase that.”

Netizens left comments:  

  • It’s funny but also makes me worried. That’s the expression that comes out when you’re very exhausted. 
  • This is JYP’s fault
  • She almost passed out 
  • Proof that Sana works so hard

Meanwhile, TWICE will officially make a comeback on August 26th with the new album “BETWEEN 1&2”.

Source: wikitree

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