Nam Tae-hyun’s finger tattoo draws netizens’ attention amid his drug controversy 

Public attention is still focused on the revelation of Seo Min-jae.

On August 20th, Seo Min-jae, who appeared in “Heart Signal Season 3”, said on her Instagram account, Nam Tae-hyun takes drugs. His syringe is in my room or in my office cabinet. And he hit me.”

Nam Tae-hyun

As the controversy intensified, Seo Min-jae released an explanation on August 21st, saying I had a quarrel with my lover over things both of us have done wrong, adding “At that time, I had taken more psychiatric medications than the appropriate amount due to stress, and I was in a state of loss of reason to the point that I can’t remember exactly what had happened now.”

“I uploaded irrelevant posts and sometimes get hurt because of such mistakes so I’m currently in the hospital”, she said and apologized, “We made up with each other. I’m sorry for causing trouble to so many people”.

seo min jae

On the same day, Nam Tae-hyun also said, “I want to apologize to people who have been shocked by the issue that happened yesterday. It was just a quarrel between lovers, and we already made up with each other. I’m sorry for concerning many people with my personal problem.”

However, neither of the two expressed their position on the drug use allegation.

nam tae hyun

As a result, netizens turned their attention to the tattoo on Nam Tae-hyun’s finger, which said “I DON’T DO DRUGS. I AM DRUGS”. It is known that Nam Tae-hyun, who was a member of boy group Winner, had the tattoo after his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment was terminated.

nam tae hyun

Meanwhile, Seoul Yongsan Police Station has launched an internal investigation into Nam Tae-hyun’s drug use allegation. 

Source: wikitree

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