The police reportedly launched an investigation into the suspicions of Nam Tae-hyun taking drugs and assaulting revealed by Seo Min-jae

Singer Nam Tae-hyun, who is suspected of taking drugs and assaulting, faced a crisis.

On August 21st, Asiae reported, “Seoul Yongsan Police Station has launched an internal investigation into the case of Nam Tae-hyun, who is suspected of taking drugs, before booking him.”

According to the media, netizens who saw the article exposing Nam Tae-hyun’s drug use reported it to Gangnam Police Station and Yongsan Police Station on the afternoon of the same day.

It was later confirmed that the police has launched an investigation to discover the exact details of the incident.

Seo Min-jae, who became famous after appearing on the entertainment program “Heart Signal 3”, claimed that Nam Tae-hyun administered methamphetamine and assaulted her in the revelation posted on her Instagram account on August 20th. She said, “Nam Tae-hyun takes methamphetamine. His syringe is in my room or in my office cabinet. And he hits me.”

Afterward, Seo Min-jae deleted the post and wrote new ones, saying “Look at my office cabinet. I have his syringe with me”, “Ah, there’s a recording. In my phone”, “It was love”.

At the moment, all the posts have been deleted. Internet users are demanding Seo Min-jae’s explanation but she remained silent. Nam Tae-hyun’s agency already released a brief statement, saying “We are confirming the fact”.

Source: wikitree

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