Ruining Kris Wu’s career, Du Meidzu posted a photo amid the scandal with an attention-grabbing message for the first time

Netizens are even more intrigued by a new photo of Du Meidzu, the girl who ruined Kris Wu’s career.

For the past two weeks, the Asian entertainment world has been shaken by Kris Wu‘s shocking sex scandal. No one could have predicted that this cult handsome man’s career would be over in a matter of days due to a 19-year-old girl named Du Meidzu.

After a series of dramas, Du Meidzu suddenly remained silent for more than a week, making many people worried. However, late at night on July 29, she caused a stir when she posted the first selfie on Weibo. The message of this hot girl is even more noticeable: “If the heart turns towards the sun, sadness becomes meaningless. Warm smile, this youth is not over yet”.

Many netizens commented that Du Meidzu seems to be in a very comfortable mood. There used to be many fans and even lawyers who analyzed that Du Meidzu was in danger of going to jail if she spread false information about Wu Yifan.

On the contrary, if Du Meidzu’s accusations are true, Kris Wu’s case will become serious and the male singer will face a 10-year prison sentence, possibly even the death penalty because relating to minors.

Currently, Wu Yifan’s side has not given any response information about the current life as well as the process of solving the case. Cnets are still waiting for the conclusion from the police and the court.

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