Top 3 Kpop artists recently are often chosen by rookie idols as ideal models: G-Dragon is suddenly not on the list

According to Knets, these 3 names are considered “idols of idols”!

Most K-pop singers have their own idols.  Senior idols’ role models are often seen as inspirational characters that make them want to perform on stage, or simply make them go crazy like other fanboys and fangirls.

That’s why in interviews, rookie Kpop idols often get the question: ‘Who is your idol?’  Most recently on the Instiz forum, a Knet posted an article showing that the top 3 Kpop idols who are considered “idol of idols”.

  1. Taemin (SHINee)

2. IU

3. V (BTS)

Since only 3 idols were named, this post also caused some controversy.  Accordingly, there are some opinions that this list should have G-Dragon (Big Bang) because he is famous as an “idol of idols”.  However, on the contrary, many Knet objected because they believe that currently, very few Kpop rookies mention GD.  Partly due to the singer’s past controversies, and partly because young idols are also afraid of being criticized by Knets if they mention the leader of Big Bang.

Additionally, many said they fully agree with this list.  However, they also want to add some other names like Kai (EXO), Taeyeon (SNSD), or even BTS in general.

Some of the comments on the trending post include:

1. As expected…

2. The three of them are stage geniuses

3. Seriously, Taetae is a stage genius

4. I agree with the three of them, but where’s Taeyeon..?

5. After seeing the title, I thought of Sunmi!

5. IU is an idol of idols

6. I think of all the BTS members..!

7. What about GD?

8. As expected of our Taemin ㅠㅠ

9. I agree

What do you think of the aforementioned list?  In your opinion, who are the Kpop idols that rookie idols often refer to as the most ideal models recently?  Please share your opinion!

Source: tinnhac

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