K-netizens react to NCT 127 fans protest against promotional email sent by SM 

International fans of NCT 127 have been showing anger at SM Entertainment due to a promotional email. 

On June 20th, a topic titled “NCT 127 overseas fans are currently angry and protesting because of an promotional email sent by SM” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”. It has since gained over 76,000 views and hundreds of comments. 

nct dream

In particular, the original poster of the topic wrote, “There is a mailing service on the NCT 127 overseas public website, which allows fans to receive promotional emails. However, international and domestic fans of NCT 127 who have signed up for the service have received promotional emails for new songs from other units.”

nct dream

They also cited a screenshot of the email sent by SM, which promotes the new single and song of NCT DREAM

“If you click on the promotional email, there is a link to the collection of NCT DREAM streaming sites, a link to purchase an album, and even NCT DREAM official accounts and SNS to be followed. However, it says NCT 127 Official Store at the bottom”, the poster also said, adding, “When you click the album purchase link, the link to purchase the NCT Dream US target version is connected, not the NCT 127 store account that fans have signed up for.”

nct dream

According to the topic’s author, despite only registering for NCT 127’s mailing service, there have been numerous times where fans receive promotional emails for other units and groups, such as NCT and SuperM.

However, when NCT 127’s sub-unit, DoJaeJung, and member Taeyong released their album, fans received no email promotion or streaming links, raising speculations of preferential treatment.

As a result, international fans who have received the aforementioned email became angry and started protesting against SM. Korean fans, who later learned of the news, also expressed their frustration. 

Original post: theqoo

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I can’t believe that they never promoted DoJaeJung or Taeyong, but they did that for NCT DREAM
  • Can’t they promote NCT 127 overseas properly? It has been way too long
  • I’d understand SM if they send promotional emails for DoJaeJung and Taeyong as well, but this is just blatant favoritism 
  • NCT 127 is popular overseas but severely mismanaged. They only use 127’s name value to promote others without treating them well at all
  • SM is the problem, but the fandom of NCT is seriously so divided
  • SM Entertainment is truly NCT 127’s best anti-fan 
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