Ahn Bo-hyun: “I don’t do things that make my girlfriend angry or misunderstand me like Goo Woong”

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun drew a line, saying that his way of dating is not similar to Goo Woong’s in “Yumi’s Cells”.

On Nov 5th, SPOTVNEWS released the contents of the interview with Ahn Bo-hyun at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Ahn Bo-hyun mentioned the recently ended drama “Yumi’s Cells” (tvN), “The work went well, not me. But I’m still proud.”

Ahn Bo-hyun

Ahn Bo-hyun played the role of game developer Goo Woong in “Yumi’s Cells”. WIth long hair and a mustache, he showed a high synchronization with the original webtoon character. When asked if he and Goo Woong have similar personalities, Ahn Bo-hyun answered, “Goo Woong is so frustrating. He also has strong self-esteem. But if I have to find a similar point, it’s that we don’t share our pain with others.”

Ahn Bo-hyun

Ahn Bo-hyun did not understand Goo Woong’s dating style at all. The actor said, “I don’t do anything that can cause anger or misunderstand like Goo Woong. I know too well that there is nothing beneficial.” Ahn Bo-hyun added, “It seems difficult to give even 1% (for Goo Woong’s synchronization with me). Instead, he’s sure that he likes Yumi, so I’ll give it a 0 rather than a minus.”

Ahn Bo-hyun

The actor also recalled a scene in which Goo Woong sided with his female friend Sae-yi (played by Park Ji-hyun) instead of Yumi (played by Kim Go-eun). He said, “That’s not right. It wasn’t acceptable to shout ‘Stop, Yumi’ instead of ‘Stop, Sae-yi’. Then, he hugged her and thought it would end with a hug.”

Ahn Bo-hyun

Meanwhile, he expressed his view of love in an interview conducted during a pictorial shoot in October. When asked about what he looks like when he falls in love, Ahn Bo-hyun replied, “I’m less talkative and more distant in front of the person I like. When I like someone, I share my joys, sorrows, hardships with her without any secrets. I’m the type of person who wants to do everything for my girlfriend and takes good care of her.”


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