Korean netizens praise BLACKPINK Jisoo for her kindness towards her members and colleagues

A recent post on Pann is attracting attention from netizens for praising Jisoo’s kind gestures towards others. 

Recently, a netizen made a post on the popular Korean online community, talking about BLACKPINK Jisoo’s personality. This netizen praised the female idol for her kind and thoughtful actions towards her groupmates when they debuted solo and her junior Somi, who is from Black Label, a label under YG Entertainment.

blackpink jisoo

This post was viewed 108,313 times and got 276 agrees and 57 disagrees. It also received many comments from other Korean netizens, most of which complimented Jisoo on her kindness.

blackpink jisoo

The post is as follows:

“BLACKPINK Jisoo’s personality 

Whenever a member has solo activities, Jisoo always goes to give out candies and stay by their side. This time she takes care of Jeon Somi as well. I couldn’t understand why she was criticized a few years ago for saying that she hated mango while joking around with Lisa’s dad ㅠㅠ Please support the activities of BLACKPINK’s oldest sister Jisoo. 

+I didn’t know so many everyone would like Jisoo and read my post , I’m so happy ㅠㅠ Of course, there are weirdos, but anyway, I’ve added some of my favorite photos of Jisoo. Which photo of Jisoo is your favorite?

+++ Jisoo hasn’t had any controversy over her personality for 5 years. I’ll think again when it is exposed. So stop asking me if I know her real personality. I’m going crazy because many are making me frustrated.

blackpink jisoo
blackpink jisoo
blackpink jisoo

Some comments from Knetizens:

[+128, -6] She was going to make SOO, but she can change it to U for a sweet moment.

blackpink jisoo
Photo: Jisoo on “Knowing Bros

[+60, -10] She is so full of kindness… How can a person be so sweet?

[+50, -6] I love you Jisoo

[+23, -5] Ji-Soo’s way of talking seems easy-going, but she’s deep inside, she’s the youngest in her family, but she has the personality of the oldest.”

What are your opinions about Jisoo’s personality?

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